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Sunstone Ring

Sunstone Ring


This lovely ring features a single Sunstone crystal that has been electroformed using pure copper, hand-polished, and sealed for long-term wear.

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With the radiance of the sun and the fire of the solar ray, Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the sun god, whose energy brings all potential life from within the Earth. It is a Stone of Leadership - of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. Truly reflecting the qualities of Light, it brings openness, benevolence and warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others. [Simmons, 388][Ahsian, 388]

Known as a joyful stone, Sunstone inspires the nurturing of self in order to be of service to others. It restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance. [Hall, 283]

~Copper Properties~

A wonderful cleanser of the chakras, copper helps to pull in energies from higher realms and cleanse the body promoting circulation. In legend it has been know to help with all types of healing, treatment of arthritis, relieving pain of broken bones, and low energy. Copper has been known for it’s healing properties and has been made and worn into jewelry by many civilizations over centuries spanning thousands of years. Those deficient in copper would benefit from wearing small amounts of it such as rings, bracelets or pendants as copper can be absorbed through the skin making it a great way to receive a necessary mineral for our bodies.

~Copper Ring-Care and Information~

Over time copper absorbs oxygen along with oils from the skin causing a darkening of the copper. I personally prefer this look and love to let my copper run it’s natural course (the oils from your hands will also polish the copper up very nicely over time) but if you prefer to maintain the original shine, polishing copper jewelry is simple and easy with an acidic cleaner like lemons. Lemon and ketchup are both excellent for cleaning copper jewelry.

To protect the crystals cut a lemon in half or use a slice of lemon as opposed to soaking your jewelry in lemon juice. Pour a bit of salt on the exposed lemon and rub on the copper. Your jewelry should regain it’s shine and look good as new! You can also prevent tarnishing by wiping your jewelry off with a clean cloth after every wear.

Due to the natural chemistry of our bodies and the absorption of oils after being worn, copper can cause some discoloration or slight greenness of the skin. This is a completely natural reaction and is absolutely harm-free. I coat all of my jewelry in a sealant to prevent this as long as possible, but it is not a permanent solution. Green coloring on the skin comes off after a few hours on it’s own or can be washed off with soap and water. By taking off jewelry for showers, swimming, or washing hands will decrease the chances of wearing away the sealant, and will also prevent oxidation. You can also apply a bit of warm candle wax on the inside of the ring band where it comes in contact with the skin to prevent discoloration.

Do not submerge or let your jewelry come in contact with water as this can damage or change the overall look and quality of it.

Each order arrives hand packaged, stamped, and wrapped so they are ready to be given as gifts or to be kept for yourself.

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