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Wholesale Information

Thank you for considering Chelsea Den Jewelry. We love offering Wholesale options for our stores, boutiques and retailers that wish to carry our line of handmade, one of a kind jewelry! 

What We Offer

We offer one of a kind, immensely unique crystal jewelry designed and created from start to finish by Chelsea Dennis in our Santa Barbara home studio. By carrying our designs you are choosing jewelry unlike any other, made to stand out and be as beautiful and remarkably unique as each and every individual wearing them. 

Available Wholesale

All of our jewelry currently available for order can be seen in our Etsy Shop or our Wholesale Catalog. Please send an email to info@chelseaden.com with "Wholesale Inquiry" in the subject line, as well as information about your shop, location, and any other social media handles pertaining to your store. We will respond within a few business days with login credentials to see our Wholesale Catalog page and place an order. 

First time Wholesale orders require a minimum of $325. All jewelry available is made and ready to ship. We are proud to offer our signature packaging and branding to all our retail stores that wish to carry Chelsea Den Jewelry.

Wholesale orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days.

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