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Our Story

Chelsea Dennis is the creator and designer behind Chelsea Den Jewelry.  Born and Raised in Denver, Colorado she moved to Santa Barbara, California to pursue a degree in professional photography. While working towards her BFA in photography Chelsea was introduced to the wold of gems, minerals and crystals and became fascinated with the idea that they are literal timelines of our Earth and all the changes and growth it has experienced over thousands of years. Each and every crystal, rock, stone and gem is different in color, size, shape, markings, patterns- and they grow in remarkably versatile and high-pressure situations to create absolute beauty and healing. Chelsea fell in love with crystals and all their properties, thus beginning her passion for crystals and all the beauty and goodness they share with us! 

Multiple years, jewelry classes, jewelry processes, and various handmade markets later Chelsea has created her own enchanted crystal world that is Chelsea Den Jewelry. Her only wish is to create and spread beauty, positivity, crystal goodness, and a little mystical magic to anyone that wants to take part!

"I truly love being able to wear my crystal companions wherever I go, which has become the basis of Chelsea Den Jewelry. I am so happy to be able to create talismans of beauty, love, generosity, growth,  positivity, protection and so much more!"

XO, Chelsea


Chelsea currently uses a technique called electroforming; a process in which metal is electromagnetically sealed onto various crystals, stones and gems. It is an extensive and incredibly unique process that produces absolutely one of kind pieces every time.

The time it takes to make one piece will range from 3 days up to a week. After being prepped (the crystal is cleaned, polished, and made to hang) a single piece of jewelry requires at least 4-14 hours just to electroform (meaning the copper is fusing to the crystal in an acidic bath). Once electroformed the copper is hand-polished, hand-oxidized to a warm antique finish and then hand polished once more to allow some of the original shine to peek through. The last and final step of the process is to coat the copper with several layers of clear sealant to prevent oxidation and dullness. These are truly unique pieces that were made using lots of time, love, and care so that they are ready to share all the love and goodness that is overflowing within them onto whomever wears it!


Wholesale Order Information

We love offering Wholesale!

To learn more about our wholesale options please read our information page here! All of our current pieces available are listed in our Wholesale Catalog page.

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