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Creator of

Chelsea Den Jewelry

Currently based in Santa Barbara, California, Chelsea Dennis is the vision, creator and designer behind Chelsea Den Jewelry. Originally based in Denver, Colorado, Chelsea Moved to Santa Barbara years ago to work towards her BFA in Professional Photography. During those years Chelsea was introduced to the incredible world of Crystals and it wasn't long before she fell in love with wearing Crystals and their many beautiful reminders of love, peace and strength.

 Multiple years, jewelry classes, and so many late nights pouring over new techniques, Chelsea Dennis established Chelsea Den Jewelry where she is now creating absolutely magical, one of kind wearable crystal pieces in her Santa Barbara studio.

Chelsea Den Jewelry is the one of a kind Luxury Jewelry brand devoted to creating fine crystal jewelry meant to be worn, loved, and connected to on a deeply healing and mystical level; We are Crystal Jewelry for the Modern Day Mystic.


Wholesale Order Information

We love offering Wholesale!

To learn more about our wholesale options please read our information page here! All of our current pieces available are listed in our Wholesale Catalog page.

If you are a store, boutique, or retailer please send us a message!



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