About Chelsea Den Jewelry

Chelsea Den Jewelry is the handmade bohemian jewelry brand created in Santa Barbara California, by designer and photographer, Chelsea Dennis.

Chelsea moved to California five years ago in order to attend Brooks Institute of Photography where she was educated extensively in both commercial and fine art photography. Along the way of getting her BFA in photography, Chelsea began learning about crystals, stones, and gems and all of their beautifully unique and amazing properties. She fell in love with the crystal world and began filling her home with small crystals until piece by piece her collection grew to an impressively large size. Her crystal love and creativity came together ceremoniously one day when Chelsea was exploring the mountains of Santa Barbara with some friends, picnicking and photographing all the nature that she could. Suddenly she noticed empty bullet shells scattered throughout the grounds. There were so many empty shells in different sizes and colors that Chelsea collected as many as her bag (and pockets!) would hold and she brought them back home with the hopes of finding something creative to do with them. Once she got home and looked at her crystals the answer seemed obvious- Crystal Bullet Necklaces were made, and those eventually led way to our Leather Tassel Keyrings which expanded slowly into all of the jewels now that we make today!

Chelsea found a new passion for jewelry making that day and hasn't looked back since! Although photography is and always will be a huge love for Chelsea, she stumbled upon an entirely different love in jewelry designing. Wanting to dive right in, Chelsea took as many jewelry making classes as she could with the hopes of being able to share her crystal love with others around the world. Multiple years, jewelry classes, and various handmade markets later Chelsea Dennis opened up her online shop Chelsea Den Jewelry, specializing in selling uniquely handmade jewelry and accessories. Each piece is handcrafted with fine materials along with a hefty amount of love; our quality is guaranteed. She is now working on a technique called Electroforming; a process in which metal is electromagnetically sealed onto various crystals, stones and gems. We love sharing crystal goodness with our customers, and especially love bringing together just the right person with their meant-to-be crystal accessory!

We take great pride in our jewelry and recommend that it be handled with mature care :)

Each piece of our jewelry containing any crystal elements are recharged under each full moon every month in order to cleanse the crystals with healing, fresh, and vibrant energy so that they are full of goodness when they're sent to their new homes. We care deeply about every tiny detail used in our jewelry line and love being able to share crystal goodness with our customers!

Chelsea Den Jewelry donates 5% of every jewelry purchase to one of three organizations we feel are doing some hugely impactful things for our fellow humans, animals, and planet. Listed below are the organizations we support with a link to their about page.

Upon each jewelry purchase a shipping and tracking email will be sent with a link to our blog where you will be able to see how your jewelry purchase helped. Thank you for supporting Chelsea Den Jewelry and for helping our dream of making this planet a better place really happen!

Action Against Hunger
Animal Welfare Institute

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